Pick Up

■ How does pick up work?

・Your order will be ready to collect within 5 business days excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays after the order is placed. * It may take longer than 5 business days subject to product availability.

・You will receive an email notification from us when your order is ready. Once you have received the notification, please print out and bring it with you to the Pickup Point you choose to prove your identification.


・ご注文を頂いてから土曜、日曜、祝祭日を除いた5営業日以内に商品の受け取りが可能となります。 ※在庫状況によっては、5営業日以上お時間を頂く場合があります。

・商品のお受け取りが可能となり次第、準備完了通知をemailにて送らせて頂きますの で、通知を印刷したものをお持ちになってご指定のPickup Pointまでお越しください。


■ Pickup Points

Click one of our available Pickup Points below to find further details



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