About Us


We import a wide range of authentic Japanese ceramics that are excellent for restaurant quality and exceptional for home use. With restaurant functionality and durability in mind, we aim to develop a collaboration of traditional to modern and contemporary styles. These mix and match of different designs will allow you to suit your needs for various occasions and to enlighten and bring joy to your dining tables.


We carefully hand select only the finest ceramics from kilns across regions of Gifu Prefecture which they all have its own beauty, delicacy and finishes. Now we can provide these artworks as wholesale for restaurants and retail for small individuals that can be purchased any time and anywhere!


Each product is carefully packed and directly shipped to our customers with concrete confidence and most importantly, at an affordable price! 



Mino-yaki is the style of pottery which is the longstanding traditional art of the Gifu Prefecture region. The history sores back to 1,300 years ago and is well known for its strength and durability. Today, it continues to dominate a large percentage of all ceramic production which goes beyond by 50% of the pottery market.